BConcept is a Norwegian company specializing in floor products in every layer. Underlayment which isolates, evens and reduces sound creates the perfect base for our modern and high-quality floors. BConcept also offers floor heating made for harsh Norwegian winters creating a cozy and comfortable indoor environment.

Floor heating
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BConcept was founded in historical Fredrikstad which also has a history of woodwork. The city was known as the “plank city” being one of Norway’s most significant harbours for export of wood and plank.

Environmentally focused and friendly

BConcept is a direct supplier of their underlayment, floors and heath products. With fewer steps and detours to their customers lower prices follows as they don’t need costly intermediaries, this also means less shipping and emissions. BConcept wishes to shelter the environment and their wooden floors are manufactured in a way that utilise each tree to the maximum. Their wood work is also cured which results in a quality floor which is very durable and long-lasting.

Floor heating